Rolling over to an IRA (at retirement)

When you leave your employer, you have the option to move (rollover) the assets in your company retirement plan to an IRA. There are advantages to doing a rollover, most significantly the increase in investment options and the opportunity for guidance as you enter a new phase in your financial life.  I can help you understand the investment choices available and which of them most closely align with your needs and risk tolerance.

Rolling over to an IRA (while still working)

Let's face it, some 401k plans have high fees, few investment choices, and significant limitations on your ability to customize your investment process and manage risk.  People naturally ask if there's a way to take money out of the plan and place it into their own account.

Some plans allow you to do a tax-free rollover or your retirement plan assets into an IRA while still working. It's called an "in-service distribution." Your human resources director or plan administrator can tell you if it's allowed by your plan (or I can help you find out). You would still be allowed to make contributions and to the 401k plan and take advantage of any employer match. 

Note:  While there are compelling reasons to do an in-service rollover, there are also variations in the withdraw and loan rules between a company retirement plan and an IRA.  We would discuss these variations to help you make an informed decision.